Spooky Season

Halloween Dogs in White Sheets

Its nearly Halloween and this can be a really fun time to spend with your pet.  Autumnal walks, playing in the leaves or going to your local Pumpkin farm for some pumpkin picking fun.  We have some amazing Autumnal Accessories just perfect for those days out. 

Albies Boutique Autumn check soft harness 

We also know how much you've all loved our fun Halloween Bandanas in past years and no need to look too far these are available now in Oh Mabels shop.

Oh Mabel Bat Dog Halloween Bandana


On a more serious note though this time of year can also be a very distressing time for your dog. Changes in the daylight hours when the clocks go backwards can unsettle your pets due to changes with feeding times and routines.

Trick or treaters calling round can also stress your dog and fireworks can be a nightmare both for the dog and their owners.  

So we have some top tips to share with you to help this Halloween Season be more comfortable for your pets.

  1. Create a ‘safe place’ inside your home for your dog to hide from fireworks A table draped with a blanket is a great retreat, or if your dog is used to being in a crate, cover it and leave it open with blankets inside. Don’t lock your dog in the crate, as this can be even more stressful for them. Give your dog options so they can choose where to hide.
  2. Having the Radio on will help mask the sound of the fireworks. Classical music will help to calm dogs in general, and music with quite a h4 bass will be ideal for masking bangs when played at a volume that your dog is happy with.
  3. If your dog can see that fireworks have no effect on you, this may help decrease their anxiety Animals are highly perceptive and will notice if you’re behaving unusually.  Our Pet Friendly candles can help to relax you and stop your own anxiety affecting them. You can still reassure your pet, by playing with their favourite toy for example but try to behave as normally as possible. The more you change your behaviour, the more anxious your dog may become.
  4. Use a calming balm on their paws and noses.  They can help to relax your dog and put them at ease in stressful situations.

    We wish you all a great time this Halloween and hope that you get to enjoy far more treats than tricks.

    Oh Mabel Spooky Season Dog Bandana