Bespoke Luxury Dog Accessories

Handmade with Loving Care
Hi there,
I’m Sarah

and this is my husband Lenny.

Together, we are the makers behind our luxury handmade dog accessories and homeware. And these two are our beloved hounds – gentleman Albie and his mischievous sister Mabel.

This furry pair are both the inspiration behind our wares and our chief product testers! Albie, Mabel, and their furry pals rigorously test every one of our designs before they’re released, ensuring every accessory comes with a thunderous paws of approval.

Even our studio
was built with our very own fair hands!

My husband Lenny is the master craftsman behind our wooden raised feeders, our dog lead stations, and our beautiful wooden dog toy boxes.

He even built the home studio where I make all our luxury dog accessories by hand!

Where it all started

Albie, my Cockapoo, came into my life at a tough time. I was very poorly and suffering from agoraphobia, anxiety, and depression. Albie saved me. He was my champion cuddle giver, my reason to leave the house, and my constant sidekick who brought joy to my days. 

As I recovered, I started a little business at Fargo Creative Village in a small container unit. I began making paper sculptures to sell, to slowly ease me back into working life. With a background in fine art, I yearned to get back to letting my creative juices flow. 

And then I started taking Albie to work with me. I made him little dog bow ties for his ‘work attire’, and people began coming to visit, just to see Albie and check out what he was wearing that day!

A while later, we decided to welcome another furry companion into our lives. Mabel bounded into our lives and made our family complete. 

The rest, as they say, is history!

Timeless style
that lasts

The pet industry is booming with businesses dropshipping throwaway fashion accessories for dogs.

We love to buy our dogs gorgeous things and treat them to something special – but with climate change a serious concern, I wanted to commit to crafting distinctive bespoke accessories that are made to last and bring long-term joy. 

All our materials are ethically sourced, and we work hard to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, so you can treat your dog and feel truly good about it.

Take Time to Do Things Well

We take time to ensure every item has been designed and produced with considerable attention to detail, delivering the very best quality items for you to enjoy. 

Handmade dog accessories take hours to create. When you buy handmade, you are investing in the skill, workmanship, and attention to detail that result in wonderfully high quality dog accessories you’ll treasure for years.

Choose Top Quality Materials

We are thoughtful about the materials we use and how our products are made, so you can trust your purchases will not only look great, they’re made to last and stand up to daily doggy life. 

We choose materials that are hard-wearing but don’t compromise on the luxury feel. Your dog can enjoy wearing them, without you worrying about them getting damaged.

Craft with Loving Care

From our handmade wooden raised feeders to our unique dog storage solutions, right through to our bow ties, harnesses, and leads – we craft every piece with loving care.

Pick British Made

We pay attention to our carbon footprint and source materials as locally and ethically as possible. 

We prefer to choose UK suppliers and partners who align with our sustainability goals, who pay fair wages, and who use quality environmentally friendly materials.

Strive for Sustainability

We swerve throwaway fashion that wears out in one season and embrace timeless pieces, which are made to last. All our materials are vegan friendly, ensuring our ranges are as kind to other animals as we are to our very own.

Our Partner Products

Alongside our luxury pet accessories, we have charming, carefully curated dog products from talented makers we know you’ll love.

From vegan leather dog journals through to handmade ceramic dog bowls and eco-friendly tug toys, we have your every doggy desire covered.

Looking for something
extra special?

If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding or other big celebration, you might want to have something entirely custom crafted for your beloved companion.

I offer bespoke tailoring experiences, where we get together to explore fabrics and concepts to create the luxury dog accessories of your dreams. 

I also offer tailor-made dog accessories for independent pet boutiques who are looking for a unique line that’s only for them!