Our top 5 dog storage ideas for a stylish & tidy home filled with love

dog lead hook station

Do you ever feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping your dog’s toys, leads, and other bits and bobs neatly organised? 

If you find yourself desperately searching for the poo bags on a mad rush out the front door, or tripping over yet another toy in the middle of the floor… this is for you! 

Read on to discover our top 5 dog storage solutions designed to banish mess and lost dog gear once and for all!

1. Dog Lead Hook Stations

I used to find myself with a bouncy Albie desperate to go for a walk, rushing around trying to find poo bags and wondering where on earth I’d left his lead!

I started looking for dog storage ideas so all of Albie and Mabel’s stuff had a home…. And so I’d be able to satisfy their impatience when it comes to leaving the house!

My husband Lenny came to the rescue as always, designing and handcrafting a beautiful wooden dog lead station to keep everything neatly tucked away where it belongs. 

We have a range of handmade wooden dog lead stations that give you a stylish and practical solution to your dog mess woes!

Choose from a small dog lead station complete with shelf, or go big with a large one complete with two hanging rails and a shelf to pop all your bits in neatly. 

Our dog lead hook stations come in a range of colours, hand painted with durable, non-toxic paint for an impressive finish. As Catherine says, they work a treat! 

All our dog homeware and storage solutions are handmade, so if you want something a little different, then get in touch! We’d love to satisfy your every doggy dream!

2. Raised Dog Bowl Stands

If you’re sick and tired of the ugly water bowl in the corner of your lounge, or of mopping up the mess once your dog’s splashed their brekkie all over the kitchen – a raised dog bowl stand is for you! 

dog eating from raised dog bowl stand

I was elated when Lenny crafted the first one for Albie and Mabel. It was not only practical but it looked gorgeous and was a pretty addition to our kitchen. 

You can learn more about the benefits of choosing an elevated dog bowl for your dog here, it’s not just a style thing! There are lots of happy benefits for your dog (or cat!) too. 

3. Dog Toy Storage

If we didn’t have our dog toy box, Mabel would harass me day and night! She’s an utter play fiend and she cannot relax if she has constant access to her toys. 

Lenny to the rescue once again! He set to work and made a beautiful wooden toy box which fits perfectly in our lounge. Now, I don’t trip over toys and I can watch telly of an evening in peace – without Mabel nagging me to play all night!

blue wooden dog toy box filled with tug toys

We’re almost ready to launch these in the boutique, just getting final product images taken. If you’re interested in learning more when they launch, (and bagging a very special launch freebie), sign up to get notified below. 

4. Pet Friendly Candles

Scent makes a big difference to how your home looks and feels, but if you’re worried about using plug-in diffusers or chemicals that could impact on your dog then there’s a solution!

We have a range of pet friendly candles that are simply heavenly! The wet dog candle is brilliant during the rainy months at diffusing the soggy dog smell and keeping your home smelling beautiful. 

We also have an anxiety candle which smells divine and helps create feelings of tranquillity for both you and your dog. The lavender and cedarwood fragrances combine to ease tension and anxiety. 

5. Keeping your home dog hair free

Whilst not a dog storage issue, dog hair all over your clothes, furniture and floors can leave you feeling fed up. Hoovering constantly is one way to deal with it, or you could groom your dog more often to reduce shedding and tackle the problem at the source!

Our range of natural dog soap bars are gentle enough for regular bathing, yet cleansing enough to make bath time a breeze. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring your dog's pamper session feels good in every way. 

Regular bathing and brushing can reduce shedding and get rid of debris and dander keeping your dog feeling their best, and your furniture free from pet hair!

Are there any other dog storage or homeware products you’d like to see us stock? Let us know, Lenny is always up for a challenge!